OSHC – Vacation Care – October

If you wish to make a Vacation Care booking, please follow the steps below.

  1. Book through the Xplor app.  Please make sure that when booking through the app that you select the Vacation Care session, if the Vacation care session is not available to be selected, the day is fully booked. We will not accept any bookings booked under BSC or ASC for the Vacation Care period.
  2. If a day is fully booked and you would like to go on a waitlist please contact OSHC staff
  3. Complete the consent form online
  4. If you have selected the movie day on Tuesday 1st or Thursday 10th October please complete movie combo choice if you wish to purchase as an added extra.
  5. Cancellation with no charge will be accepted via email prior to 7:00 am Monday 16th September 2019. Cancellations after this date and during vacation will be charged in full.
  6. Movie snacks can only be preordered by form and will need to be completed by cut off date. We wont be accessing the candy bar individually.
  7. If you prefer you can send your child with a snack from home.

Vacation Care consent form


Movie snack choice- October 1st – cut off date Friday 27th September 9:00am


Movie snack choice- October 10th– Cut off date 8th Oct 10:00am


Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me

Kind regards

Kylie Preece


Craigburn OSHC & Vacation Care

[email protected]

T: 8270 1620

M: 0427 271 768

F: 8370 5745

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