Kidz Biz Ed’s Family Evening Sessions – Tuesday 11.02.20

Craigburn Primary School will be hosting a Growth & Development Family Evening on Tuesday 11.2.20.

The sessions are conducted by Kidz Biz Education and are designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. These highly interactive sessions will provide students and their parents / care providers with an introduction to basic personal and social development education; traditionally known as the ‘facts of life’. By all means, sessions will be facilitated in a manner that is not conducive to an awkward or threatening environment.

There will be two sessions run on the evening and the topics covered in each are:

Session 1: ‘Where Did We Come From’ (suitable for Year 2 to Year 4 students)

  • Name and discuss basic female & male body parts of the reproductive system
  • Disperse myths about where babies come from
  • Discuss egg & sperm cells, sexual intercourse(age-appropriate), fertilization/conception
  • Discuss the 9 months of foetal development
  • Explain natural and caesarian birth  processes

Session (2) ‘What’s Happening To Us” (suitable for Year 5 to 7 students)

  • Name and discuss the female & male body parts of the reproductive system
  • Explain the physical & emotional changes during puberty, including menstruation, pads & tampons, sperm production, wet dreams etc
  • Discuss ways to improve self esteem and body image
  • Discuss the impact e media has on body image including photoshopping
  • Looking at ways of getting along with parents including being reasonable and learning to negotiate

The duration of each session will be approximately 50 minutes:

Session 1:  Commencing at 6.40pm and concluding at 7.30pm

Session 2:  Commencing at 7.40pm and concluding at 8.30pm

At the end of each session, a list of recommended and age–appropriate books for both students and parents will be provided or alternatively they can be downloaded from the Kidz Biz website www.kidzbiz.edu.au

Registration of interest in attending these sessions by contacting the school at the front office, by email, phone or by completing the online google form below.

Please indicate family numbers and which session/sessions you will be attending – Session 1, Session 2 or both.

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